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teeth whitening

All of our body parts deteriorate with time. It is a natural process, and it results in degradation and even loss of your body parts. These parts may include internal as well as external parts. The internal parts or organs are not paid much attention by everyone, but the people are more conscious of their external outlook. The main external organ or part is the oral cavity. Like other organs, our teeth also wear out and deteriorate over time. Our teeth not only become weak and fall off, but also decolorise, giving an unpleasant look to your smile and face.

Our teeth decolorise due to a number of factors. It may change colour because of aging. Teeth decolorising means changing of teeth colour from white to yellowish. Smoking is a main reason for teeth decolorising. Moreover, too much consumption of caffeine or alcohol also causes discoloration of teeth. Use of several medicines also causes the teeth to become yellowish. Even many drinks including fizzy drinks like colas and wines also contribute in staining your teeth. In addition to all these, poor oral or dental hygiene also plays an important role in changing the colour of your teeth.

People who have discolorised teeth tend to consult dentists for teeth whitening Melbourne. Teeth whitening is a process in which dentists use different techniques in order to make your teeth more white and bright. During the process of teeth whitening, your teeth are first painted with bleaching powder or any other chemical used for whitening teeth. In the next step, a laser light is shone on your teeth. The function of this laser light is to activate the bleach on the teeth. In short, it acts as a catalyst and speeds up the working of the bleach. In this way, your teeth are restored to their original white colour.

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